eCheck High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Have you ever wondered why your business is a high-risk business? The reason may change from business to business and depend on the industry you are in. Some common criteria that determine risk of your business are as follows-

Chargeback Rate- If your business or industry indulges in high chargeback rates and possible frauds, then you are probably a high-risk merchant. Find your business from the below mentioned high-risk business list.

Business License- The businesses that need licensing or a legal opinion also fall under high-risk category. Adult businesses, Pharmaceuticals are among many businesses that require a licensed to trade.

Marketing Methods- If your business offers trial and continuity products with future subscriptions then you might have to check your business under high-risk category.

High Transactional Value- High transaction values often invite frauds and therefore are under restricted category. Any business with high average transaction value is deemed as high-risk businesses.

Offshore Businesses- If you are not incorporated in the United States but have a niche audience and customers from the country, then you will be regarded as a high-risk merchant.


1-800 chat sites


Airplane charters

All sexually oriented merchants

Amazon, Yahoo, or Google stores


Automotive brokers

Bankruptcy attorneys

Calling cards

Casino, gambling or gaming

Check cashing services

Cigarette or electronic-cigarette sales

Collection agencies

Credit or debt repair

Direct selling

Drug paraphernalia

Event ticket brokers

Exporting services (non U.S.-based)

Fantasy sports websites

Federal Firearms License dealers

Indirect financial consulting

Financial planning, strategy, or advising

“How-To” websites

Horoscopes, astrology, or psychic services

Investment firms

Lawyer referral services

Life coaching


Magazine sales and subscriptions

Mail order

Membership organizations

Merchants on the terminated merchant file list

Modeling agencies

Pawn shops

Real estate

Replica or knock-off handbags and accessories

Self defense, pepper spray, mace

Talent agencies


Telephone order


Tour operators

Travel services

Travel agencies

Travel clubs

Vacation planners

Vacation rentals

Vitamin and supplement sales (diet pills, prescriptions, pharma)

VOIP services

Weapons of any sort including weapon parts

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